Hard Shea Butter? Fix that NOW!

Before you think about making Whipped Avocado and Shea Butter or any other shea butter “projects”…you have to melt it down. I remember using it as a moisturizer before melting it down. Read This Awesome Article! »

Creamy Whipped AVOCADO and SHEA BUTTER Recipe!

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$20 Perfect Makeup Kit? | ELF Brushes & Makeup

So a couple of weeks ago ELF (Eyes Lips Face) sent me a coupon code for this large beauty set for only – $20! Very CHEAP! I usually buy ELF in stores Read This Awesome Article! »

15 min Makeover? | Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I was sent this Adovia Purifying Dead Sea Mud Mask product from Cleopatra’s Choice for free to review. I have tried a few mud masks in the past. I like using them Read This Awesome Article! »

Quick Eczema Treatment? & Natural Hair Conditioner?

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Especially for the fashion and food! The one thing I hate about fall is the way it dries out my skin. I Read This Awesome Article! »


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Not Worth It? | Le Volume De Chanel Mascara Review

Le Volume De Chanel - WM-1

Stopping by the Chanel counter at my “local” Saks (2 makeup products and $75 later) the sales lady told me the new mascara from Chanel (Le Volume De Chanel Mascara). She gave me a deluxe sample to try out. I thought, “Cool.” I never had any of their mascaras and could not wait to try. And since it was FREE, even better.

I get home and try it out. The brush was nice looking. The formula was thick. BUT when I applied it it was all down hill for me. Why? My lashes are curly and are a beast to tame if I don’t have the right kind of brush. For me it took to long to apply and clumped my lashes together :( .

Le Volume De Chanel - WM-3

Chanel – An Addictive Love

It started with a used pair of Chanel brown shades with Tortoise frames; an authentic pair I scored on eBay while in college in 2008. Then a year later, I started work full time and I purchased a black pair of sunglasses at Solstice in December 2009. The large shopper Cambon Tote was my first Chanel Bag; imagine my excitement! I justified it by saying it was my 25th birthday day present to myself. You only turn a quarter of a century once so surely a new Chanel bag was in order. In March of that same year I purchased another bag…a 227 Reissue in Metallic Black.

January 2012 – Your Style Monthly

I will start off the first “Your Style Monthly” look! YAY!

Coming Home From Work

GlamorBelle - January YSM

Girls Night Out!

Girls Night Out!