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Stack It Up! How to Wear Stacked Bracelets

stacked bracelets gold watch

Wearing stacked bracelets (or stacking rings and necklaces) are nothing new.  Come to think of it, I have been doing it since middle school. Since it’s “IN” again I guess I will talk about it.

When stacking bracelets there are some general “rules”…well, guidelines to pull the look off. So here are my 5 tips on how to wear stacked bracelets for YOU to pull the off the look!


How to Wear Stacked Bracelets from Living Easy Loving Free

Stacked bracelets from Living Easy Loving Free


1. Color? – Some people like themes. I’m talking about holidays, seasons, locations (ie: beach) etc. These can work wonderfully if you’re not sure about which colors to pair together.

Some days I try to match my clothes. If it’s Valentine’s Day I wear red and pink bracelets, etc. If you are still not sure, try one color such as silver, gold, etc. The different textures of the bracelets give your arm visual interest. Very elegant.

Are You BOLD Enough to Try This? NEON Fashion Trend

Neon fashion shoes nail polish purse


This summer’s trend is all about NEON FASHION!!! So I ask. Are you BOLD enough to try these “crazy”, “in your face” colors? I did not think I was. It all started about 8 years ago,  wearing eyeshadow colors besides browns and other neutrals. I began to experiment with colors like gold, purple, dark blues and greens. Fast forward to now, and I am purchasing shades of  yellow and orange! It only takes getting out of your comfort zone once to get into “trouble”. 😉

Get Beach Sexy On a Budget

swim suit black summer abs

I cannot wait to hit the beach this summer! Everyone loves to become a “beach bum” even if it is for a short time. I’m looking for a new swim suit.While doing “research” I found a few places that have cute  swim wear at reasonable prices!

Chanel – An Addictive Love

It started with a used pair of Chanel brown shades with Tortoise frames; an authentic pair I scored on eBay while in college in 2008. Then a year later, I started work full time and I purchased a black pair of sunglasses at Solstice in December 2009. The large shopper Cambon Tote was my first Chanel Bag; imagine my excitement! I justified it by saying it was my 25th birthday day present to myself. You only turn a quarter of a century once so surely a new Chanel bag was in order. In March of that same year I purchased another bag…a 227 Reissue in Metallic Black.

Get Beach Body Abs By Summer


After indulging in so many cakes, cookies, pies, and anything chocolate this past winter, I told myself I would get back to the gym this spring, to be ready for summer.

So, May is finally here (yay)! Only one more month until it’s officially summer!  Am I the proud owner of the most amazing 6-pack ever??? No, I ‘m not. (NO, I will not post pictures of my current “ab”, LOL).

People do a lot of crunches to get the perfect abs. After reading a few articles, crunches are good but not the key to getting the abs you want. They are based on (My Modified Plan) these three things.

A Step in the Right Direction – Summer Fitness

work out shoes

This is not another fitness article telling you to eat right and exercise. Overtime doing both will improve your health; if you do them in moderation.

I am probably the last person you want to hear fitness advice from. Why? You might ask. Well, you probably won’t like what I have to say in the next sentence or two so feel free to close your web browser now.

Not Just for Weddings – The White Dress

Just say YES to the white dress! The white dress is not just for weddings or Easter Sunday. I think they are so versatile. The “Little White Dress” (LWD) can be effortlessly transformed from day to night.

Get Your Dream Closet – Spring Cleaning

This is the time when people are usually throwing away things they never use. I looked in my closet last week an noticed a lot of stuff that I am not wearing. I remember I did the same thing last year and though “Well, I can keep this because I can wear it with…” And here it is. A year later and guess what? I still have NOT worn the things I said I was last year! Have you ever done this?

Walking on Sunshine – Spring/ Summer Time Flats

Bright bold and beautiful. I love wearing flats. I love solid colors for the most part but I love designs in blue, purple, pink, multicolored, green and jeweled. They are my go-to shoe for the spring, summer and early fall. They are so comfortable although I need heel grips for my skinny ankles. *hehe* Here is a collection of some flats I wish I had (*secretly preparing to purchase a few* :-D)! So many beautiful colors!

BUSTED For FAKE Louis Vuitton in 3 States!

image from pursese[dot]com

I am an advocate of “anti counterfeiting” especially in fashion; fake purses, bags, wallets, shoes etc. When my husband forwarded me this article (Feds nab $325 million in fake Gucci, Ugg, Coach goods) yesterday. I couldn’t help but talk about it. So many brands counterfeited! Gucci, Ugg, Burberry, Coach, Nike, Lacoste, Polo and Louis Vuitton.To me it’s sickening.


Well, let me tell you. Back in 2003, I wanted a Coach wristlet. I went to eBay and found one for a “reasonable price” and purchased it. I could not wait for it to come in the mail. When it finally arrived I was immediately disappointed. There was plastic around the “leather” strap and the “leather” felt like plastic. I knew this had to be fake.