I ♥ (Heart) Matte Is Back!!!! | Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Review


I noticed a new Holiday 2012 display at my CVS. “Lo an behold…” there is the the I Heart Matte pallet with a new name!

Drinking a Glass of Shine - WM-1

I purchased was this LIMITED EDITION Wet N Wild “Drinking a Glass of Shine” (I Heart Matte) Eyeshadow pallet. [I also got “Sparkle Til Morning” (with Urban Decay Naked Pallet Dupes) ] I picked this pallet because of these gorgeous matte colors! (Not to mention it’s the go to pallet for beauty You-tubers.) Beautiful bold colors with a relatively cheap price tag.

So you might be thinking…that was for the holiday season in 2012. Where can I get it?!?! I know that eBay, Amazon and the alike will have them (for marked up prices). Just be on the look out for them in the future. These totally caught me off guard. Glad I was able to snag a pallet before they were all gone. (One happy beauty blogger here!)

About this Pallet:

8 Colors:

  • 2 Brow bone Colors
  • 2 Eyelid Colors
  • 2 Crease Colors
  • 2 Definer Colors

All Mattes


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How did this Wet N Wild “Drinking a Glass of Shine” Eyeshadow Pallet stack up?

  • Pigmentation: Highly pigmented colors (not common for drugstore brands). Shows up on my darker skin. A definite plus! (5/5)
  • Cost: $5.29 at CVS. Usually costs about $4.97 at Walmart. (5/5)
  • Longevity: Works well with a primer and noticeable creasing with out a primer. (4.3/5)
  • Application/ Blending: All colors blend well except for the white color. Not my favorite for my skin tone. (4.5/5)
  • Consistency: Powdery just like other eye shadows. (4.5)

Overall Score/ Comments – 91% – A-: Get it! Great value and deeply pigmented colors. I love MOST of the colors in this pallet. My lease favorite color is the white color because it’s hard to blend and looks like chalk on my skin.


Drinking a Glass of Shine - WM-3

Drinking a Glass of Shine - WM-2



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