Not Worth It? | Le Volume De Chanel Mascara Review

Le Volume De Chanel - WM-1

Stopping by the Chanel counter at my “local” Saks (2 makeup products and $75 later) the sales lady told me the new mascara from Chanel (Le Volume De Chanel Mascara). She gave me a deluxe sample to try out. I thought, “Cool.” I never had any of their mascaras and could not wait to try. And since it was FREE, even better.

I get home and try it out. The brush was nice looking. The formula was thick. BUT when I applied it it was all down hill for me. Why? My lashes are curly and are a beast to tame if I don’t have the right kind of brush. For me it took to long to apply and clumped my lashes together :( .

Le Volume De Chanel - WM-3

About this mascara:

  • Black/ Noir
  • No Waterproof Formula
  • Volumizing Mascara
  • $34 at Saks (Can purchase from Neiman Marcus, or other places that carry Chanel makeup)

Le Volume De Chanel - WM-2

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How did Le Volume De Chanel Mascara sample stack up?

  • Cost: I got a Free sample. Regular price is about $34 (4/5)
  • Application: Hard to apply to curly eyelashes. Might be easier if your lashes are straighter. Had to use another company’s brush to apply formula.  (3/5)
  • After Affects: No flakes on my cheek from long wearing.  (4.5/5)
  • Consistency: Thick and creamy. (4.5/5)
  • Brush: Bristles were very short. Were not able to reach outer “C” shape of eyelashes. (3/5)

Overall Score/ Comments – 76% – C: I am glad that I had chance to try the mascara before I spent the money on the full size. I love Chanel but I am not a fan of this mascara. If the bristles were longer it would have helped to separate my lashes. The fact that I have to use a cheaper brush with this formula makes application tough and time consuming. Will not purchase full size.



Le Volume De Chanel - WM-4


Love Chanel? Have this mascara or a similar soap?

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    hi! PIty you didn’t like this mascara, I love it, but i have short stubby straight lashes. This is the only Chanel mascara I like, the others are definitely not worth the money… Which mascara do you recommend?

    • GlamorBelle

      Hey! I am currently using a volumizing mascara by L’Oreal, millionize something… I cant remember the full name but so far I am loving it. It’s cheap so if it’s not your thing, there’s little loss…money wise. :)