Creamy Whipped AVOCADO and SHEA BUTTER Recipe!


My skin (and hair) has been suffering ever since September. The temperature pretty much plummeted! [This isn’t the first time I complained about my extra dry skin (grrrrr…)] After looking at a few blogs and YouTube videos I decided to make something that you treat my itchy dry skin (and nourish my dry hair). I made a batch of Creamy, Fluffy and Smooth Whipped Avocado and Shea Butter Mix.

This stuff is awesome!Whipped Avocado and Shea Butter Mix

To make sure the oils and other ingredients were blended well I started with brick hard Raw Shea Butter. It’s so thick! Melting the Shea Butter down to a pure oil was the way to go.  The coconut and avocado oils were solid so I melted those as well. In my recipe I used a total of 8 ingredients. I basically used oils that I had laying around. So feel free to switch out oils if necessary.

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– 6oz of melted Shea Butter (Cleopatra’s Choice)

– 1 tablespoon for each oil (olive, coconut, castor)

– 2 tablespoons of avocado oil,

– 1 dropper full of vitamin E oil

– 20 drops each of the tea tree and peppermint oils.

Blend well for approximately 20-30 minutes (with 2-5 minute breaks).

Whipped Avocado and Shea Butter Mix



Shea butter 32oz (2 lbs) (Amazon) – $13!:

Avocado Oil:   or

Vitamin E Oil:  or

Olive Oil (cold pressed pure):

Pepermint Oil:

Tea Tree Oil:   or

Coconut Oil:  or

Castor Oil:     or


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