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So a couple of weeks ago ELF (Eyes Lips Face) sent me a coupon code for this large beauty set for only – $20! Very CHEAP! I usually buy ELF in stores and not online but this one was so cheap I could not pass it up! Not to mention there were a few items in the set that I have never tried. Couldn’t find a reason for not buying this kit…so…I had to snatch up this deal.


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It arrives! I opened up in front of my camera and slowly began taking stuff out one-by-one. So far so good on the makeup products. Now on to the brushes! (Saving the best for last.) I was pretty disappointed with 2 things.

ELF Beauty Kit, brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, cheap

1. Some of the brushes look “uneven” like it was a machine error. Not bad enough to complain but a bit annoying. [see video for each brush]


2. There was some powdery white “dust” in a few of the big brushes. Once again not bad enough to complain but mostly annoying.

ELF Beauty Kit, brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, cheap

You get what you pay for! Definitely. This would be a good makeup starter kit for anyone wanting to learn about makeup. You learn by watching others and doing it yourself. This kit is missing an eye shadow and a foundation for it to be a full beginner’s kit but you definitely have the basics. Although cream eyeliner is not basic I prefer it over the traditional liners.


ELF Beauty Kit, brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, cheap
Besides the “white stuff” in the brushes I would definitely recommend this kit. I recommend washing brushes before you use them anyway. You never know what equipment they may have been manufactured on or what chemical they are subjected to.


Do you own any ELF products??? What has been your experience?

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  • AmmierRazak

    how to purchase that item which is, $20 Perfect Makeup Kit| ELF Brushes & Makeup?

    • Glamorbelle

      Go to eyeslipsface.com and see what sales they currently have. Since it’s Christmas time they have a a TON of sales. You have also sign up for their news letter and they will send you specialty codes. :)