6 Things You Need to Know About Google AdSense

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AdSense is providing something that everyone wants…MONEY!!! Don’t rush to sign up just yet! There are some things you should know before hand. It could be a good side income if you have high traffic to your site or YouTube videos. Of course, everything that glitters is not gold.

The Good

1. Get Paid!: You can make money from your website, blog or YouTube Channel. How? On your website or blog you can embed Google AdSense code on your website by using plugins. You will make money with each click. On YouTube you just have to “monetize” your videos. If you have this option, there will be a “MONETIZE” tab. Not everyone will have this option. The amount you get paid will depend on your traffic and number of clicks on the ads.

2. Placing Ads on Your Site: You can place up to 3 Google Ads on your page. You will have many display options such as text, photos and banners. It’s very easy to set up.

3. Ads: Ads will be chosen based on your content.

The Bad

1. Automated System: Google AdSense is message system is an automated system. It’s virtually impossible to speak to a “real” person. If you have a real problem then it might take weeks or months to solve.

2. Poof! Your Account is Gone: You account can be disabled for virtually any reason. Google AdSense has automated systems (no surprise) in place to detect click fraud and other invalid activity. If your account is closed for say, “click fraud” it will be hard to get your AdSense account back.The only way to communicate to a human is to to go the Google Product Forum. You have to start your own thread based on your problem. Got ads on your website? Make sure you place an AdSense ad widget that limits the number of times a visitor sees your ads. This can protect your site from being “click bombed”

3. Google Keeps Your Money: If your account gets deactivated Google will keep the money you have earned. If you they send you a check after your account has been deactivated DON’T CASH IT! It will Bounce. Hard. If you get direct deposit it might slip through. Their rationale for this is to protect their advertisers. They will return the earnings back to advertisers if they deactivate your account.


Before you sign up just make sure you know what you are signing up for. Read the terms of service (TOS) and stay informed.


Have you signed up for AdSense? What has been your experience?

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